Multi Crew Experience ook voor de PMDG MD-11

Een persbericht van Multi Crew Experience dat hun software nu ook werkt voor de PMDG MD-11. Klik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor het persbericht. De software is ook verkrijgbaar via simMarket. U kunt de software eerst als demo gebruiken.

Hello everyone.

We are pleased to inform the flight simulation community that Multi Crew Experience, voice control add-on to FSX & FS9 has been updated to include total voice control for PMDG MD-11.

MCE tries to provide the complete multi crew experience, from captain co-pilot voice interaction, checklist reading, to ATC communication via speech recognition.

Because in real life checklists get interrupted, ATC needs to be replied to, nothing is scripted. Everything is event driven. You call the shots at any time and things get done.

The virtual co-pilot is smart enough not to trigger things by accident.

An often misunderstood thing about MCE is that it is mainly for default aircraft.

In fact many complex aircraft add-ons have been specifically programmed and integrated into the main package, including PMDG 747X, Level-D 767, Ariane 737, iFly B737, PMDG B737, just to name a few.

The above could have easily made it as separate voice control products.

What’s more, we are constantly improving the package to make it work with as many aircraft as possible, making it the ultimate voice control add-on out there.

A fully working time limited Demo is available from this link, and no registration is required for download.

Thank you

The FS++ team

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