Douglas DC2 update

Voor de vorig jaar in November uitgekomen DC2 van het “UIVER” team is er nu een update uitgekomen. Deze DC2 is geschikt voor in FSX. Meer info over deze DC2 via de website. De update is gratis voor de bestaande klanten, uw moet het pakket opnieuw downloaden en installeren met uw Key-code.

Dear customers.

Today, 31-12-2010, the “UIVER” Team published an update for the Douglas DC2 for FSX.

This update is free for existing customers of the FSX version. Just download the package again HERE, and re-install using your old key.



These are now the default liveries available:

Modern Aviodrome Uiver, TWA, Swiss Air Lines (Neutrality Colours)

FSX, with it’s numerous versions, and with all hardware available out there, is quite difficult to have working for everybody in a satisfactury way.
But now all issues reported by previous customers were fixed.

– Some small mapping issues fixed
– Some small 3D enhancements here and there
– Small update to the flightmodel

The power cart (external power) has some enhancements for FSX+Acceleration.
In order for it to work in FSX SP2, change the following in the electrical section in the aircraft.cfg

[electrical]// changed HN Nov 29 2010
max_battery_voltage = 24.0 // with FSX SP2 set = 28.2, with FSX Accel set = 24.0

– 3D modelled gauges all around
– All gauge windows have a tooltext, those gauges with more needles have split glass, in order to have appropriate tooltips for all needles
– Middle clicking the OBS knob on the old VOR1/2 gauge, will toggle the VOR1/2.
– Some 3D enhancements here and there
– Some texture enhancements in VC and cabin (check the seatbelt sign )
– Modern Bendix radio: this now has by default COM1 and NAV2, and alternatively ADF1 and NAV1 (like already implemented in the old style radio)
You can now switch the COM1 to ADF1 (click the com1 text on the gauge face. to go to adf1, and click adf1 text to go back to com1)
And you can now switch the NAV2 to NAV1 (click the NAV2 text on the gauge face to go to NAV1, and click NAV1 text to go back to NAV2)
Now all avionics in the modern VC can be tuned as well, all with 3D buttons and visibility states.

That’s it basically.
We hope you will use the update, and enjoy our Douglas DC2 even more!

New customers, you will all help the Aviodrome Museum, in keeping the Douglas DC2 in flying condition, for you to enjoy in the (European) airshow circuit in the New Year, 2011!

Visit  for more info

And remember, No DC3 without the DC2.

Best regards,

Rob Cappers, on behalf of the “UIVER” Team
and a Happy New Year to you all

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