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De software “It’s Your Plane” wordt per 01 januari 2011 uitgebreid met de functie “SuperATC”. SuperATC is nu nog een stand-alone toepassing binnen Flightsim. Middels de voice antwoorden op de standaard ATC die geboden wordt binnen de Flightsim software. Klik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor het persbericht.

New Plans for SuperATC

Hi Everyone,

Effective January 1, 2011, SuperATC will no longer be offered as a stand-alone product. From that date onwards, all of the new and powerful SuperATC functionality will be confined to the registered version of the It’s Your Plane (IYP) application.

SuperATC began as a pet project inspired by Lars Hammer of Denmark (IYP Pilot #10083), to see what could be done with speech recognition in conjunction with the built-in Microsoft flight simulator ATC system. The objective for SuperATC was to significantly raise the level of ATC realism, by permitting flight simulator enthusiasts to speak typical traffic jargon with the internal Microsoft ATC system. In simple terms, SuperATC was designed to listen to and parse user ATC phraseology, then activate the appropriate menu selections within the Microsoft ATC system.

After more than 3,500 hours of development, and even more of support, SuperATC has evolved from being a somewhat basic program into an extremely complex application that is light-years away from its origins.

As most of you know, IYP is a unique group comprised of a few extremely dedicated individuals, supplemented by many IYP end-users who (on a routine basis) volunteer both their product improvement suggestions, as well as their time to assist other users. The derivative of this uncharacteristic association is a special blend of product innovation and unparalleled customer support. If you read our customer testimonials, we’re sure you’ll agree that IYP users receive the finest customer support in the industry.

Providing this unprecedented level of customer support takes a lot of time and energy, and in order to maintain this level of support, some changes needed to be made.

The continuing development and support of SuperATC and It’s Your Plane as separate applications, with two independent codes and databases, has become extremely time-consuming, and has been taking emphasis away from the group’s main objective – the development and support of IYP.

Therefore, to improve time management efficiency and thereby increase the scope and power of the IYP application, we have elected to discontinue offering SuperATC as a separate free application. Naturally, SuperATC functionality remains fully operational in the registered version of IYP as of January 1, 2011.

What will this mean to current SuperATC users?

  1. You will be able to continue to use the free SuperATC, as it is now, for as long as you like.
  2. No further development will be done on the free version.
  3. No e-mail or forum support will be given for the free version after January 1, 2011.
  4. If you wish to use a continuously developed version of SuperATC, you will need to have or purchase a registered version of IYP.

We are currently working on having yet more enhancements to SuperATC… specifically to the Radar Contact 4 interface. We know that these new capabilities will greatly enhance the power of the registered version of It’s Your Plane and trust that you will enjoy using the renewed IYP application. 

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