feelThere – Tower Simulator 2011

Er zit een nieuwe Tower simulator aan te komen. Tower 2011 zal uitgebracht worden door Feelthere. Eerder was er al een Tower simulator door wilco uitgebracht. Tower 2011 zou dan een verbeterde versie zijn en veel realistichser zijn. Als je op “Meer lezen…” klikt zie je de belangrijkste punten die verbeterd zijn.

Some highlights of Tower 2011:
– Aircraft will follow inflight heading and turn commands.
– Runway racetrack pattern commands are simulated.
– Runway assignments for arriving and departing aircraft may be changed.
– After takeoff headings can be assigned to aircraft prior to departure.
– Runway intersection takeoffs are simulated
– Many of the newly issued FAA commands are simulated (such as line up and wait, taxi to ramp/apron).
– Taxiway routing to and from parking and terminal areas can be assigned and changed.
– Hold short commands may be issued for taxiways and runways.
– Airport, schedule and airplane editors will be released and supported. These are the same editors used during TOWER’s development.
– Dynamic lighting and shadows provide a stimulating visual environment. If you control for 24 hours you will see a full sun cycle calculated from real world data.
– Full ground traffic (cars on freeways and major highways and streets)
– Stereo sound.
– Voice commands can be used using Microsoft’s Speech voice recognition technology.

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