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Eerder hadden we al een newspost gemaakt over een nieuwe forum gedeelte bij Simkits. Op het FSWeekend werd er al over gesproken dat de USB simkits instrumenten straks ook compatible zijn met X-Plane. En zelfs zo dat de instrumenten heel precies reageren.

X-Plane Beta Software

At this moment we are working very hard to release our new link software for X-Plane. With this software you will be able to connect our USB Gauges to the very well known X-Plane Flight Simulator Software.

The follwing instruments have been implemented in the link software:
USB Aircraft Gauges
– Airspeed (C172)
– Vertical speed(C172)
– RPM(C172)
– Fuel Left Right
– Div/Fuel flow
– Temp/press
– Vac/Amp

All instruments which can be build with the USB Aircraft Gauges kit should also work, just calibrate your preferred gauge and run the link software.

Other Instruments implemented
– Digital Clock
– Warning Panel
– Cessna switches panel (with Fuel select and Fuel cutoff
– Trim wheel (Servo driven)
– VOR1
– VOR2
– Altimeter
– Heading indicator
– ADF Indicator
– Attitude indicator (Horizon)
– Turn & Bank Indicator
– Magnetos (Starter switch)
– Flap switch and indicator
– Wet Compass

We are working on the Gear switch, a second Trim wheel (for rudder trim) and the Radio Stack set up.

To stay informed about the progress of the X-Plane Beta Software for Simkits, please follow this forum topic. Here you will also find the download link for the X-Plane Beta Software.

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More Simkits News can be found on our website and our Blog.

Happy Landings!

The SimKits Team

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