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Flight Sim Nation laat in een pers bericht weten samen te gaan werken met Fire Boss LLC. Dit komt natuurlijk de ontwikkeling van de “Air Tractor Fire Boss AT802F” ten goede. Wat een mond vol. Ook hebben zij een stukje virtual grond gekocht op het Andras Field vliegveld. Lees het pers bericht bij

FSAIRTRACTOR PRESS RELEASE NOVEMBER 10, 2010 There’s some great things happening and now we can finally share them with you.We’ve now partnered with Fire Boss LLC (www.firebossllc.com) who make the Air Tractor Fire Boss AT802F. We are working closely with the guys at Fire Boss LLC to ensure our Fire Boss kicks as much butt in flight sim as it does in real life. Having the blessing and support from an aircraft manufacturer is rare and this translates into a better aircraft for our flight sim customers. We’re excited to be working with the guys at Fire Boss LLC in bringing their AT802F Fire Boss to the virtual world of Flight Sim.

We’ve purchased virtual property at Andras Field (www.andrasfield.com) where we’ll house our European Training Facility. Our Chief Pilot and Beta Tester Walt Darran has also stepped up to be our Chief Of Operations there. Walt will be helping in teaching and mentoring our flight sim customers in learning how to fly their Air Tractor and how to conduct virtual fire fighting operations based on real world techniques. Working with Mathijs at Aerosoft has been a great experience and we now have a good place where future Air Tractor pilots can come and learn how to fly their aircraft and learn some fire fighting operations from real Air Tractor and Fire Boss pilots. If you own the Andras Field scenery, look for our facility near runway 9 in the next update. Stop by and have a look at our static ai Air Tractor in development in our lot in the next update from Aerosoft.

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