IRIS Simulations – A-10A Warthog update v1.2

Voor de A-10A Warthog, uitgegeven door IRIS Simulations is er een update uitgekomen. Update v1.2. Meer info en verkrijgbaarheid over dit militair toestel is er via simMarket.

Klik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor een overzicht van de update.

1. Flight Dynamics adjusted for closer performance to the actual aircraft based on customer feedback.
2. HUD Materials altered for new ‘vivid’ display appearance.
3. HUD restrictive viewpoint added so you no longer see the HUD outside the confines of the combiner glass.
4. Canopy glass opacity reduced.
5. Switchable GPS added to the Virtual Cockpit for GPS flyers..
6. Sound-pack altered for more authentic A-10 audio.
7. Strobe brightness altered (no more square lights).
8. Control column lengthened for more realistic column height.
9. Load-outs reconfigured as per customer feedback.
10. AFCS re-coded. Aircraft now has working NAV hold, HDG hold, ILS hold and GPS Flightplan and NAV following capability.
11. Added VMS (aka Bitching Betty)
12. AFCS viewpoint added to the virtual cockpit allowing users to use the AFCS without having the control column in the way.
13. Landing/Taxi lights now restricted to visibility when the nose gear is fully extended.
14. Various systems, warnings and animation code fixes.

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