FSDreamTeam – KDFW Update 2.0 Dallas

Voor de onlangs uitgekomen scenery van FSDreamTeam “Dallas Fort Worth Intl.” (KDFW) is er een behoorlijke update uitgekomen. Versie 2.0. Meer info over de update hier en download link via de product website van FSDreamTeam.

Big update:

– RWSL lights, including FAROS (Flashing PAPI), RHLs and THLs lights, see this post here for more details:


In the update, there’s a file named KDFW_manual_add.pdf, which includes the added pages, that explains the RWSL function, with maps.

– Ground scenery coded in order not to be dependent on Simconnect, this should fix the issue of the scenery showing flickering due to other 3rd party products that saturate the Simconnect communication pipe with commands. The ground scenery quality hasn’t been modified at all, and it still fully FSX and DX10 compatibile, and uses Shaders.

– Some minor fixes at several places, like small gaps in elevation that would result in some airplanes bumping on ground.

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