Orbx – WA79 Walter Sutton’s

Van Orbx is nu ook de scenery WA79 Walter Sutton’s Private Strip uitgekomen. Past uiteraard weer perfect in de Pacific Northwest scenery. Met weer veel kleine details in de omgeving van dit kleine grasstripje. Met een extra bonus, het nog kleinere airstrip WA7M.

Orbx is pleased to announce the release of WA79 Walter Sutton’s private airfield.  Located in  a sleepy hide-away rural and logging valley in southern Washington state close to the Oregon border, this grass strip invites you to land and explore. With a large area of beautiful photoreal coverage, you’ll find plenty to see in the circuit and plenty of the ‘little details’ on the ground which Orbx is famous for. Made by the same team who created WA56 Israel’s Farm, this airfield offers the same charming atmosphere, long grasses and custom modeling based on actual onsite photos.

As a special bonus also included is a challenging second airfield (WA7M Walter Musa’s Field), the Chelatchie general store, the old abandoned rail works and the peculiarly named ‘Tum Tum’, a unique cone shaped hill almost directly aligned with the runway. WA79 is only a short hop away from Orbx’s 7S3 Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark.

De scenery is hier verkrijgbaar.

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