Flight1 – BN-2 Islander (update v1.5)

Flight1 is enige tijd geleden uitgekomen met de BN-2 Islander. Een mooi 2 motorig toestel. Creatie van Alphasim, uitgegeven door Flight1. Voor de download versie is nu update v1.5 beschikbaar. Opnieuw  downloaden en installeren. Klik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor de update. De download versie is ook te koop via simMarket.

We’ve now updated the download version of the BN-2 Islander.  This latest version is 1.5 and it covers pretty much all fixes aside from some minor reported issues with things like the KLN GPS unit. 

Current version fixes the following, some of these were fixed in 1.2- Fixes  License invalid issue.

  • – Fixes KLN unit texture. – Fixes ADF1 inner knob mousewheel function.
  • – ADF frequency swap button made inactive as this function is not simulated.
  • – OAT tube texture fixed.- Clickspot on GPS now pops up 2D.
  • – Autopilot ATT function annunciated.
  • – AutoPilot lettering Bolder.
  • – KLN unit wind display corrected.
  • – Track line no longer reverses when passing through north.
  • – Single Engine drag simulated.
  • – Fixes Autopilot ATT mode and rocker switch.
  • – Adds Rudder trim knob animation and adjustment.
  • – Lighting now requires Battery switch to be in ON position.
  • – Avionics now require Avionics switch to be in ON position.
  • – Fixes Hobbs Meter.
  • – Fixes Compass reversed numbering and incorrect rotation direction.

Existing users can re-download if required from the main product page and use the same license key to re-install (please make sure you have completely uninstalled the earlier edition first) from fresh.

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