Hughes H1-B Special – update v1.1

Na een dikke 2 jaar is er voor de Hughes H1-B, uitgegeven door Aerosoft, een update uitgekomen. Update v1.1. Klik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor een overzicht van de updates. Dit vliegtuig is bekend van de film “The Aviator”. Wilt u er zelf eens in vliegen in Flightsimulator, dat kan. Te koop voor € 18,94 via simMarket. Het is een kist die niet eenvoudig te vliegen is. Dit als waarschuwing, of zie het als een uitdaging.

Hello Folks,

There is now an update available for the Hughes H1 to bring it upto V1.10.
Note: There is a complete new build available (version 1.10). De-install the current version and download the complete new file from your order history page.

What the update contains..

1.10 Update (and final build)

– Prop tables changed to more realistic values, so engine rpm behaves more realistic in all flight situations, especially when running at low pitch/high rpm, windmilling effect has been reduzed and the engine does not run on top RPM all the time. Also takeoff acceleration on the runway is now more realistic.

– Drag behaviour of propeller, fuselage and flaps updated.

– Pitch Stability changed for all flight situations, three point landings become more easier, plane is harder to pull at high speeds

– Sounds updated and corrected

– Third paint scheme added which utilizes the RED winged racer. This had been done to satisfy rumours which consisted of the existence of
that plane instead the blue one with white letters from the release.

– Cooling situation of the engine has been updated to allow longer high speed flight, now also cools faster down when Manifold Pressure is reduced.

– REF/DOC htmls updated for correct new flight data values

– Shading of the front panel has been a bit reduced.

– Paintkit will be released afterwards, but needs some time to provide accurate documentation.

– Video with correct approach and landing setup will also be released afterwards. THe H-1 cannot be landed like a Cessna. Is has much more wingload, which result in much less lift especially at low speeds.
So you have to come in steeply, a reference could be to see the touchdown point just over the engine nacelle upper edge. This will give some 6-8 deg descend angle. Thats very steep, but you will need that rest energy when flaps are out. On the end a energic but controlled flare will settle you down almost perfectly at 70-75 MPH. The Racer is at the top end so 75 MPH, the longwing with some less wingload at around 70 MPH for touchdown.

NB. Please note the error in the readme which still states V1.01 this is incorrect and should be V1.10, but hey you know

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