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ozxpresslogoOZx geeft in een persbericht aan dat versie 3.2 nu beschikbaar is om te worden gedownload. Een freeware scenery van Australië, waarbij ook commerciele software verkrijgbaar voor is. Een mooi mix is hiermee mogelijk. En dan eigenlijk het mooiste nieuws: OZx NA v1.0 voor North America is ook uit. Ideaal voor de Pacific Nortwest scenery. Weer een paar mooie kleine vliegvelden erbij en dat dan geheel als freeware. Klik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor het persbericht.

OZx 3.2 Upgrade

From the steamy tropics of North Queensland to the cool temperates of Tassie – we bring you 10 more strips to test your navigation and landing prowess. Prof has authored a string of “pearlers” across the Cape – just use the Google Earth kmz’s in OZx\User_Docs\Maps in your FSX folder to plan a tour. Mitch and Ed have a couple of rippers for the Sandgropers, too. So for those of you who loved what we did before, here’s more of the same but even better.
Ken and Prof have invented new grass and weeds to infest their fields and they’re spreading them on their muddy boots.
Tony’s done a beautiful little special request in NSW and we’ve called in the fence builders and retro-fitted fences to some old strips with more to follow. So make a plan on a piece of paper, climb into your favourite bugsmasher and head off to some weedy godforsaken little widowmaker of a scratch-in-the-bush airstrip.
Pit your wits and courage against the elements and bask in the satisfied glow of a well-executed plan and skilful landing.
Fly on Gamespy if you want to brag to your mates!

OZx NA 1.0

What a difference to Australia! In PNW, if you fall out of the sky you have a 40% chance of hitting a strip.
In populated areas they’re only 1-2NM apart and even in the boonies they’re often only separated by about 6NM.
But wow! Spectacular snow-covered mountains separated by abysses of dense evergreen forests, wild rivers and wild life.
Island hideaways for the wealthy, hunting lodges, logging camps… and how do you get to all these places? Bush aircraft!
So, in the tradition of OZx_AUS we offer you OZx North America. Select a taildragger or floatplane, preferably with turbo for the altitude, and go bush. Beware the locals: bears, mountain lions, wolves, etc as they can be dangerous.
Always do a flyover to check for terrain, obstacles and animals. Our new skills, new utilities and new models make OZx_NA our best yet. Get out there into the Wilds and have a ball!

For more information please visit http://aussiex.org

OZx 3.2 For Australia –>
OZx NA 1.0 For North America –>

OZx Libraries 1.0 (MUST INSTALL!)–>

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9 juli 2010 16:52

Lees ook het forum:

En de freeware vliegvelden zijn:
Stark’s Twin Oaks, Hillsboro 7S3
Washington State
Burden Field (Rabbit Run) 61WA
Center Is 78WA
Clam Harbour WA35
Concrete Municipal 3W5
Crane Island (birdstrike, whales, dolphins)
Darrington 1S2
Decatur/Jones WA18
Decatur Shores WN07
Israel’s Farm WA56
Kendall WN08
Ranger Ck Enumclaw 21W
Shaw Island 6WA5
Spieden Island
Stuart Is Airpark 7WA5
Thompson Airport WA61
Vashon Island Municipal 2S1
Waldronaire 90WA
Wax Orchards, Vashon Is WA69

British Columbia
Cardiff Mountain
Tsuniah Creek
Twin Lakes ZAG4 (this is a waterstart at CAG4)


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