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GroundEnvEuropeFlight1 software heeft 2 updates uitgebracht voor de software van “Ground Environment X Series”. Deze zijn voor ‘Ground Environment X USA/Canada’ en ‘Europe’. De USA/Canada serie is door de grote update hernoemd naar ‘North America’. De updates zijn geheel gratis via uw account/serienummer te updaten. Klik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor het persbericht.

Flight One Software updates Ground Environment X SeriesFlight One Software has officially released 2 updates to the Ground Environment X series of products for FSX that cover Europe and North America.Ground Environment X North America is now the new product name for what was the USA/Canada edition. This is a sweeping upgrade designed to improve many areas of the product. Because it is a large change, and covers the broader North American continent, we are now calling the product Ground Environment X North America. This is a FULL product update, as there is no incremental patch to upgrade to the North America edition.All previous USA/Canada customers are entitled to a free upgrade to the North American version. If you purchased by download, simply use your old key. If you have the DVD version , please visit the Flight1.com website at http://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=gexexch for information on how you will be able to get the new download version.To access these updates, customers should use the Updates button in their GEX product interface.Here are the features of GEX North America version 1.09- Replace the entire interface system to sync up all GEX current and future releases which provides a ‘shared’ region backup system for all GEX versions in order to reduce drive space requirements
– Automatic detection of UTX USA, Canada or Ultimate Alaska added when the interface is run or a UTX product is added at a later date
– Rework the UTX/GEX update patch to better render grid housing areas just outside of large urban metro locations
– Reprocessed and improved over 90% of North America textures from past versions of GEX USA-Canada
– Added our autogen building patch which corrects building night lighting and installs automatically
– Replace most of the desert and mountain environments and upgraded the Grand Canyon
– Add GEX autogen tree fix to increase performance in large forest areas
– Developed shared textures to sync Europe v1.02 with this v1.09 release
– Added support for Ultimate Alaska with glacier texture upgrades
– Changes to all night lighting tiles and reduced rural lights
– Replace airport pads and fixed dry location airport pads
– Made adjustments to autogen for UTX patch tiles
– Fixed bug for backing up and restoring UTX files
– Reduce hard tram lines where ever possible
– Replace mountain rock texturesAlso released is the latest version of Ground Environment X Europe.GEX Europe 1.02 Update Features:- Updated entire winter season (no snow winter tiles) to address user concerns with color in winter.
– Reworked shared textures to sync Europe with the North America v1.09 release
– Replaced autogen and made adjustments to some UTX patch tiles
– Fixed minor backup path issue with the backup system interface
– Upgrades to farm fields in winter to address user concerns
– Added generic masks to better display texture transitions
– Replaced airport pads and fixed dry location airport pads
– Minor changes to mountain snow and ice in hard winterFor more information on these products, please visit http://www.flight1.com.

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