Douglas DC2 voor FSX

DC2Tijdens het FSWeekend kunt u de DC2 aanschouwen voor in FSX. Jawel… De DC2 is er nu ook voor FSX. Het team is er reuze trots op om op tijd klaar te zijn voor het FSWeekend. Klik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor het persbericht. Met de aankoop steunt u tevens het Aviodrome om de DC2 nog steeds het luchtruim te laten kiezen. 



The “UIVER” team is pleased to announce the release of the Douglas DC2 for FSX.

This is a complete rework as a TRUE native FSX product, with improved 3D modelling, complete new textures, mapping, bumpmaps, specular maps, FSX animations, new gauge programming etc.

We thank our customers for the purchase of the FS2004 model, and hope they will support the museum by purchasing this improved FSX model as well.

The revenue from the sales will be donated to the Aviodrome, Dutch National Aviation Theme Park and Museum. Aviodrome has one of the worlds last two airworthy Douglas DC-2’s in their collection.

The real plane is maintained by volunteers and with the money raised from individual and corporate donations. By selling the DC-2 package we hope to contribute to keeping this unique, priceless and historic aircraft in flying condition. Your purchase will be a very welcome contribution!
The package will be sold through the Flight1 system.

For complete information on the features of this package and a link to download the Douglas DC2 for FSX please visit the DC2 UIVER site Support issues and questions will be handled through our forum.

The “UIVER” Team hopes you will enjoy flying this unique, hands-on classic airplane!

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