A2A – Super Piper Cub – Update

A2A-PiperCubA2A Simulations is uitgekomen met de “Piper Cub”. Een mooi gedetailleerd toestel met goede vliegeigenschappen. In diverse uitvoeringen zodat u op wat voor terrein dan ook kunt landen c.q. opstijgen. Tevens zijn er wat promo video’s te bekijken op YouTube. Meer info hier en te koop voor € 20,81. Tevens is er ook een “Expansion Pack” voor bij te koop. (€ 16,65). Hiermee wordt het vliegen nog realistischer. Take good care of the engine…… kort samengevat. En nu is er dan ook een update voor uitgekomen. (Patch #1.1)

A2A Piper Cub v.1.1 Patch Released

New Features in v.1.1

– Paddle to and from a dock or any shoreline with a functional oar.

– Make advanced water to land landings with Tundra tires.  This allows for safer landings near shorelines and lakes. While the tundras are larger than regular tires, they are not floats, so if you get too slow over the water, they can pull you in and nose over. Be careful and respectful of the dangers of skipping over water. The wave physics are enabled, so you may get some bucking up and down at speed.

– Hand towing (CONTROLS PANEL). This allows you to slowly pull or push your aircraft after the engine has been shut off.

– New tie-down physics will hold aircraft steady. If you use the tie down on water, it will simulate a tie down near a dock. The plane will still rock back and forth in the watter, but it will behave as if it is roped down.

– Audible damage physics. This means if you push an engine, especially if cold, you will hear some slightly different sounds coming from the engine.


– Nervous Heidi won’t comment so much when down low.

– Misc improvements and fixes to Heidi’s intelligence.


– Wing departure characteristics slightly tuned.

– DAT files automatically get re-located to MY DOCUMENTS / A2A / FSX / J3CUB.

– Tuned (reduced) ground effect.


– Engine damage bug fixed

– Fixed a bug when sometimes hand starting was not possible based on previous flights.

– Sudden damage is relatively less likely when TBO time 1800 is chosen.

– Fixed bug where air starting required the prop movement speed to be slowed down to start.

– Gauge physics improvements and fixes.

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