Aerosoft – Nieuwsbrief 14/09-2009

logo-aerosoftAerosoft heeft zijn bekende nieuwsbrief weer verstuurd. Mooi samengevat en met vele nieuwe items. Het was de laatste tijd druk voor dit software huis met de komst van vele nieuwe titels. zoals Monastir X, German Airports 3 – Berlijn, AES – Versie 2.04, US Cities X – New Orleans en mijn favoriete de Discus Glider X. (waarvan ook nu net een update uitgekomen is naar versie 1.01). Klik op ‘Meer lezen… ‘ voor een overzicht.

Monastir X (FSX)

Tunesia is besides a proud Northern African nation also a major tourist destination. Monastir is the centre of that tourist trade, with its beaches and fine hotels. Our scenery is a remake of the one we had for FS2004 and updates the airport to the current status.

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German Airports 3 – Berlin Tegel (FS2004)

It is about to close but we still feel it is just too big to ignore in FSX. This is the main airport of Berlin and with close to 15 million passengers in 2008 it’s not a small one. It has a distinguished history with the Berlin Airlift without a doubt as the highlight. An important airport that belongs in your German Airports 3 collection. Continuing in the tradition of the German Airport Series, the airport Berlin-Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” is featured with its latest and up to date layouts, buildings, objects, runways, taxiways, lights, and navigation aids.

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US Cities X – New Orleans (FSX)

Already the third US Cities X, we have gone south this time to end mouth of the Mississippi and the city that had a major blow not long ago but is bouncing back very strong. New Orleans looks great in FSX, from the city centre high rise to the extensive suburbs and the paddle steamers on the river. Ideal for helicopters, as it includes 5 heliports.

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AES – Version 2.04 (FSX+FS2004)

With new scenery files has to come a new AES right? And of course Oliver delivers with version 2.04. It adds a load of new airports (Monastir X, Nice X, Tegel and Luebeck) and a nice new features that informs you about the status of all aircraft services.

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Whats new?

Discus Glider X – Update 1.01

There is a small update (1.00 to 1.01) for the Discus Glider X that solves a few problems with electricity and possible crashes to the desktop under Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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7th German Flight Simulation Conference

In two weeks we’ll have our yearly Flight Simulator conference. We expect it to be as busy as all other years and invite you to come early to beat the rush. Loads to see, loads of people to talk to and you’ll be able to pick up some software and magazines for event prices. The conference is taking place on Saturday, September 26th at the Airport Paderborn/Lippstadt. You can even win a free flight (weather permitting) if you have bought the Discus Glider X!

FS Conference website

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