It's Your Plane – v4.1.0.122

itsyourplane-redKlik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor een iet wat oudere persbericht over de software “It’s Your Plane”, welke ik nog in de mailbox had hangen. Wachtend op publicatie. De actuele versie zit nu op v4.1.0.122. Robert Cezar, de maker van dit software, zit dus bepaald niet stil en luisterd goed naar zijn klanten. Derhalve al weer een vernieuwde versie met meer nieuwe mogelijkheden.

So, here’s what’s in Version

Well, here are the headlines in no particular order of importance:

Improved Radar Contact Interface

We have implemented a completely new approach to control the Radar Contact Menu system to address slower computers systems that possess latency issues. In addition, we have had a couple of IYP users complain that by using simply SHIFT + NUMERICS, was causing problems with other key assignments in other addon products, and suggested that we go back to CRTL + SHIFT + NUMERIC. And, since we ALWAYS listen to our customers, as of this release we’re back to using (as we did originally), CRTL + SHIFT + NUMERIC. Therefore, you need to reconfigure your Radar Contact Assignments… sorry… (:


Perform Cabin Announcements

Before this revision, sound effects are automatically triggered when running through the IYP checklists. For example, the sound of passengers boarding is triggered as part of the Pre-Flight checklist. However, some pilots prefer to use their own checklists, but would still like to have the effects. Ergo, I have added the following voice commands to control these functions:

Perform passenger boarding announcement   (use during Pre-Flight)
Perform cross-check announcement   (use during Before Start-Up)
Perform passenger safety announcement   (use during Before-Taxi)
Perform prepare for landing announcement   (use during Descent, below 10,000 feet)
Perform landing and taxi effects   (used after touchdown after reverse thrust off)
Perform parking announcement   (use during Parking)
Turn sound effects off


Switch between ONLINE and OFFLINE modes with Voice Commands

Added the following voice commands at the suggestion of one of our blind pilots:

Switch to the ONLINE MODE
Switch to the OFFLINE MODE

Funny prompts ON
Funny prompts OFF


Start Flights in either ZULU or Flight Times with Voice Commands

Added the following voice commands at the suggestion of one of our blind pilots:

Begin each session using ZULU time
Begin each session using FLIGHT time

NOTE: Because of the way this feature has been implemented, existing users will observe that after installing this version, the system will launch and indicate that the time has been reset to ZULU. To get back to the “old” way of doing things, simply say, “Begin each session using FLIGHT time“.


Did you know that …

  • … you can launch It’s Your Plane in a Quick Start Mode?

Quick Start Mode
A number of users asked to suppress start up phrases like: “Hi, my name is Michelle. I will be flying along side you today.” “Good morning Captain Robert.” “Please wait while I connect to the IT’S YOUR PLANE server for correct aircraft, flight plan, checklist and weather information.” To activate the Quick Start feature, simply say, “Activate Quick Start Mode.” With this activated, the greetings are suppressed. To deactivate the Quick Start feature, say, “Deactivate Quick Start Mode.” Personally speaking, I prefer to listen to Michelle or Mike greeting me and telling what they’re about to do; however, “One man’s favourite aircraft is another man’s lead balloon!”.

  • … you can Suppress Michelle’s Acknowledgements with the Advanced Mode?

Advanced Mode
Irrespective of the above Help Level you’ve selected, if you say, “Activate Advanced Mode“, the IYP system will not only minimize the Help, it will also virtually eliminate the “read back,” or “echo” of the commands by the First Officer. For example, under Extended or Normal Help levels, if you say, “Battery Master Switch ON“, the FO will flip the switch, then confirm the action by reading back the action taken; (to wit) “The Battery Master Switch is ON.” Naturally, these “echoes” take time to work down the checklists.

By contrast, if you say, “Battery Master Switch ON” with the Advanced Mode turned ON, the FO will flip the switch and jump to the next item on the checklist, thereby speeding up the checklist adherence. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest that you use this mode until you’re really familiar with the IYP checklist sequences!

Have fun… and remember… “Blue side Up!

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