Warbirdsim – P-51 Mustang (FSX)

WarbirdP51Warbirdsim heeft nu ook de klassieke P-51 Mustang uitgebracht voor in FSX. In 10 verschillende textures en in 3 uitvoeringen. De P-51B, P-51C en de Mustang III. Meer info op de website van Warbirdsim.



Warbirdsim’s FSX version of the Mustang is ready for flight.

Take control of the Warbirdsim P-51B, P-51C and Mustang III on your PC. Strap yourself in and begin those high-G turns in an aircraft meticulously designed and built for speed and agility. The 3 P-51  Mustang aircraft you will fly in FSX are the asynchronous whole of a breed of fighter made for low-level tactics and high-level dogfighting.
Represented in this definitive work of this rare and unique model of the thoroughbread fighter are a host of details from the small but significant to the spectacular. This is as close as you will get to flying the real P-51 in FSX.

Mustang P-51 ‘B’
P-51B Mustang ‘Factory Delivered’
P-51B Mustang “Ding Hao!”
P-51B Mustang ‘Shangri-La’
P-51B Mustang ‘Sleepytime Gal’
P-51B Mustang ‘Old Crow’

Mustang P-51 ‘C’
P-51C Mustang “Princess Elizabeth”
P-51C Mustang ‘Ina the Macon Belle’
P-51C Mustang ‘Dody

Mustang P-51 ‘III’
Mustang Mk.III ‘112 Squadron FB-309’
Mustang Mk.III ‘133 Wing FB-382’

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