FSMagazin – 05 2009


Volgende week komt het nieuwe nummer van het duitstalige magazine FSMagazin weer uit. Alvast een snelle en korte opsomming van de atikelen: “Mallorca X – virtual holidays at the PC / Sion X: Little airport in the deep valley / Hollywood at Florida: Fort Lauderdale Airport / British islet very large:  Alderney Airplanes Payware / Modern Allround-Jet: Cessna Citation Mustang / Reworked – reviewed: Captain Sim 757 / Experiences on FSDs 115 TC – adventures and experiences in place of a (planned) review.

Zelfs freeware wordt ook bekeken: A masterpiece from Antonov: An-12.



  • Helicopter Payware: The realistic helicopter  Dodosim 206.
  • FS X Panels Payware – Glascockpit-Technology at a glance: Avidyne Entegra Flight Max (2)
  • Basics – Radionavigation (2): NDB-Tracking > Realism in PC-Flightsimulation (2)
  • Military > Between heaven and hell: Over Flanders Fields
    • X-Plane Payware > A fledged bird: 737-800 made by Benedikt Stratmann

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