Aerosoft – Nieuwsbrief 13 juli 2009

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Aerosoft heeft weer een nieuwsbrief verzonden. Een samenvatting van hun newsitems. Zoals de verschijning van een nieuwe flightsimulator, Rise of Flight. Een game welke zich afspeelt in de 1e wereldoorlog. Weer eens wat anders dan serieus van A naar B vliegen. Verder ook wat links naar een aantal nieuwe producten, de zogenaamde previews. Klik voor de links en nog wat meer interessante nieuws op ‘Meer lezen…’.


Loads of previews
You know we are always very open about our developments and how they look at every stage. For many products you are able to follow the work from the first polygons to the release versions. We like showing what we do. And at this moment there is a lot to see:

Male X
Discus Glider X
Airbus X
City Bus Simulator 2010 – Vol.1: New York
VFR Germany 4 – Ost
German Airports 3 – Lübeck

New forums
After a bumpy update we got our new forums online. In fact it is more than just a forum so we call it a Community Services center. Okay, big word but it means it is a place where you can get in contact with other people who use our products (and of course your first place for support). The forums are now a lot easier to use but the download section is totally new. In this location you can find repaints and other addon files for our products. We hope you will help us fill it and if you have uploaded 3 files we’ll give you a free download product in these first weeks! So please upload your repaints!

Community Services (Forum)


Twitter & RSS feeds
The days we had to do without forums (as said the update did not go very smooth) we noticed that many people picked up on our news via twitter. It’s an ideal way to get updates about what we do in the well known condensed format. If you prefer to get your news via RSS feeds you’ll see that our forums have even more RSS support.

So even when you are on vacation you will be able to stay in touch using these feeds that work so good on mobile devices!

Aerosoft on Twitter

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