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itsyourplane-redKlik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor het nieuwe persbericht over de software “It’s Your Plane”. Een nieuwe toevoeging voor het Multiplayer platform in je flightsim. Zowel Fs2004 / FSX. Via voice geconnect met je vrienden om samen een vlucht te maken. Meer info hier. Heeft u al ervaring met deze software. ? Ik ben wel benieuwd.


Introducing… Come Fly With Me!

A perfectly natural extension of the IYP experience!

What is Come Fly With Me?

It’s the IYP Fully-Integrated Multiplayer
Solution for FS9 and FSX!

Yes, we know some of you are already
flying together in the Multiplayer Mode…

So… what’s so special about this approach?

Come Fly With Me dramatically simplifies the
set up requirements for Multiplayer flying,
group participation and enjoyment!

Installing and setting up Multiplayer sessions can be very frustrating, especially for less technically experienced flight simmers. Therefore, we have designed Come Fly With Me to eliminate the numerous technical considerations and just let you and your buddies hit the sky and have fun!

Come Fly With Me is an integration of IYP and FSHost (developed by Russell Gilbert) and is permanently located on one of our IYP Servers. The result? The usual FS Hosting problems that you encounter with home-based multiplayer sessions are gone!

  • No more hosting set up struggles – your FSHost service runs 24/7 on our server

  • No more e-mails with your latest IP address – the IYP ‘static’ Host IP address never changes

  • No more difficulties for FS9 and FSX simmers to fly together – it’s now easier than ever!

Come Fly With Me supports 16 Session Channels with up to 16 pilots in any given session. A Session Chart on the IYP Home pages shows (in yellow) who are flying together and on what channel they are communicating.

Come Fly With Me integrates with IYP’s TeamSpeak server, permitting pilots to talk with each other while flying in a session.

Come Fly With Me also integrates with the IYP Flight Tracker permitting users to see the latitude and longitude of each pilot flying with IYP, making it easy to know where to join up with an existing session.

Whether you set up specific times with your friends to fly together or just do it �on the fly�, multiplayer flying is great fun!

Have you longingly watched formation flying? Now�s the time for you to do it!

If none of your buddies are around in the middle of the night, head out anyway and see who joins you from the other side of the world, because your flight, with the Channel you�re on, will be displayed on the IYP home page in yellow.

Don’t wait

Extend your IYP flying horizons

Come Fly With Me!

The sky�s the limit…

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