ORBX – YPEC Aeropelican Airport

orbx-ypecVan ORBX een nieuwe scenery voor FSX. Het vliegveld YPEC Aeropelican. Het zuster vliegveld van YWVA Warnervale. Deze scenery’s van ORBX staan bekend om hun detail. Het betreft ook een groot gebied, voorzien van fotorealistische textures. Klik op Meer lezen voor het persbericht.


The sister airport to Orbx’s YWVA Warnervale, YPEC Aeropelican is made by the same team of Andreas Hegi and John Venema and perfectly times the re-opening of YPEC in June 2009. This is a large photoreal scenery area, covering well over 100 km in high resolution licensed 60cm, 30cm and 15cm imagery with the precision modelling you’ve come to expect from Andreas and includes a major power station, the now disused YCOB airfield, a major stretch of beautiful coastline, Milano’s marina and restaurant and many more ‘little’ details which Andreas and Orbx are famous for. You will love YPEC!

Here is what you get with the scenery:

– Accurate YPEC airport modeled including 3D interiors inside the hangars

– Over 100 square kilometers of photoreal textures sourced from 15cm and 60cm license source imagery and hand-finished to colour match FTX

– Revised roads and traffic matched perfectly to the photoreal

– Thousands of hand-placed houses and buildings to match the photoreal

– Over 100,000 hand-placed trees and vegetation

– Milanos Restuarant and Nora Head Lighthouse modeled

– Many custom buildings modeled and placed in the surrounding towns

– A complete inclusion of the Eraring Power Station across the lake

– Custom AI traffic with GA aircraft doing TNG’s and circuits between YWVA Warnervale and YPEC

– Some of the most beautiful shallow-water textures ever seen in FSX, and perfect for floatplane enjoyment

– Full seasonal support in all photoreal areas with immersive custom night lighting

– Increased AI boating traffic

– YCOB (disused) airfield near Eraring Power Station

YPEC Aeropelican is now available from


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