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Aerosoft heeft voor het weekend weer een nieuwsbrief verzonden. Met vele nieuwe items. Vernieuwde textures voor de F16, German Airports 3 – Hamburg voor FSX, de boxed versie van Lukla X / Hong Kong City & Kai Tak Airport, dat Aerosoft ook weer aanwezig zal zijn op de AERO 2009 in Friedrichshafen, Project Andras Field.



Download releases :

German Airports 3 – Hamburg for FSX
German Airports 3 – Hamburg is one of the most successful airports we have released recently and we’re glad to be add the FSX version to our download section this week. Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel airport is done in the typical style of the German Airports development team. Very high level of detail while keeping the frame rates up. And of course it integrates perfectly with our other coverage of Germany in FSX. If you already bought the FS2004 version you will find a free download link on your Order History page, if you have not bought it, do check out the images and features on the product page.

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 Box releases :
Hong Kong City & Kai Tak Airport
FlyTampa is well known for high quality scenery but their Hong Kong City & Kai Tak Airport (FSX+FS2004) is very special. Landing on the now closed but still famous airport remains one of the most rewarding things you can do in the simulator! Discover one of the most challenging approaches in aviation history. Now available in a box.

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Lukla X – Mount Everest
Even more difficult landings await you at Lukla. Already a hit in download for a few years, we now also have this very special airport available in a box. As we said all along, this is a runway that seems designed to hurt pilots, extremely sloped and located ABOVE the cruise altitude of many small aircraft. Lukla X – Mount Everest (FSX+FS2004) is not for the faint of heart!

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Small Airfields Switzerland Part 3 X
Small Airfields Switzerland Part 3 is done by the developer of the superb Switzerland Professional scenery and the same attention to detail that went into coverage of a complete country went into these high detail small airports. Four of these airfields are in eastern Switzerland and one of them in Tessin in the South: Amlikon in the canton Thurgau, Mollis in Glarnerland, Bad Ragaz in the South of St.Galler Rheintals, Samedan in Graubünden and Locarno in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. If you like mountain flying there are no better airports to start from.

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 Forum news :
SOAR forums hosted by Aerosoft
SOAR is one of the most active glider communities in FS and when we heard they had some problems keeping their forum online (they prefer a commercial forum like we do) we offered to host the forum for them. As you might know we are going to launch a very high end glider addon for FSX very soon so it seemed to fit in well together. When the Discus Glider X launches we’ll make a discount for all active SOAR member so they know they are welcome at Aerosoft.

SOAR Forums

Project Andras Field
Andras Field is a special project. It’s a non existing airport that we will place close to the alps and where we hope our customers will help us develop. As we are not limited to something existing the airport will be full of details and options that simpilots like. There is also the option to buy a bit of land and have us build you a house on our Andras Field Airpark. We understand it all sounds a bit complex but if you visit the special Andras Field Forums you will understand the power of this idea.

Andras Field Forums

 Events :
Aerosoft at the Aero 2009 in Friedrichshafen
Like every year Aerosoft will be attending the Aero in Friedrichshafen in southern Germany from April 2nd to April 5 th.You’ll find us in Hall A4 stand 302. If you are please visit us so we see the customers who buy our products in real life!

Aero Friedrichshafen 2009

FSMap – Update 1.10
FSMap had a few open issues and customers asked about a few new features. Thomas Molitor responded with version FSMap 1.10 that has fixes all known issues and adds many small and a few large features. We love the option to save the visual settings in themes and the simple VFR flight planner! The update is now available in the FAQ’s / Updates section of the site.


FAQ’s / Updates

Product Pages

F-16 Fighting Falcon X – Texture update
Dag and Vin, good friends of Aerosoft, have done a texture update for the F-16 Fighting Falcon. They updated the canopy textures to give them a more realistic reflection, changed the after burner effects and tweaked some other things. Highly recommended update!


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