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Aerosoft heeft voor het weekend weer een nieuwsbrief verzonden. Welke gaat over de update van Tahiti X Scenery, een preview van de Innsbruck Scenery, Manhattan X verkrijgbaar in een doosje, de German Airports 3 – Hamburg Scenery. Nu nog voor Fs2004, straks ook in FSX. De 7e conference gehouden in Paderborn en …. geen verzendkosten bij aanschaf software. (Geldig tot 13 April 2009).


 Download releases :

German Airports 3 – Hamburg
German Airports 3 Hamburg closes a gap we had for some time in Northern Germany. Even though it is an important airport we just did not have a good scenery for it. Now we do. Made by the people who perhaps racked up more awards than any other team of scenery developers you can be sure it will look great and work fine on all hardware. It’s for FS2004 now but the FSX version is not far off.

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 Box releases :
Manhattan X released in boxed format
Manhattan X, our superb coverage of Manhattan is now available in boxed format. Although very recently released the first reviews are as positive as the comments we got from our customers. Jump in your helicopter and tour the densest scenery ever created or at least go and see some of the images on the product page.

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 Updates :
Tahiti X version 1.10
Tahiti X is one of those rare products that far exceeded our expectations. With hindsight we understand, it just looks great, is easy on your system, not expensive for what you get. It’s just a great place to fly around. And now it’s even better because there is a new version (1.10). As the update included almost all files we thought it was easier just to make a full new build. So if you want to upgrade just remove what’s installed now, download the new version and install that.

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 Previews :
New preview of Innsbruck
Apart from the exiting previews of the Catalina X and the Our Discuss Gliders X, a new preview took the center stage in the preview forum. Check out the images for Innsbruck LOWI airport, a scenery that is not far from release. Another great location to visit virtually! If you like to explore other simulators, check out the preview movie on the train section that covers the next release of “World of Subways”.

Preview forum

Train Sim section

Price drop: Hughes H1-B “Special”
The H1 racer is one of the most exiting aircraft products we have available but sales were dropping for a few months. We sort of understand, it is a niche aircraft, not what most users will select as a new aircraft to learn. But because it is rather fundamental for other aircraft we are currently developing we want to make sure people do see it. What better way to boost sales then to lower the price? From €25.95 it will now be €18.95. A steal at that money. But be prepared to read the manual because this is one aircraft that will bite when you don’t fly it right.

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Shipping costs at an all time low
If you like your products boxed we got good news for you. All orders done between now and Easter (13th April 2009 – GMT) to Germany, Austria and Benelux will be send FREE of charge and all orders over € 39 to France, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Portugal will also be FREE of charge.

 Events / Dates:
7. German Flight Simulation Conference
We got a date! 26 September we’ll hold the seventh edition of the German Flight Simulator conference. As always we hope to see you there so we can show you some of the exciting developments from us and from other companies. Write it in your agenda right now.

Conference website

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