ORBX YMML – Melbourne Airport Update

bubble_auymmlDe scenery van ORBX – Melbourne Airport (YMML) – heeft een grote update ondergaan. Service Pack #1 is uitgekomen. Volgens het forum is het bijna een compleet nieuwe scenery. Over deze scenery zelf is een review geschreven in het PC Pilot magazine van Januari/Februari 2009. Meer info op de website van ORBX Simulation Systems. De update is alleen via uw account te downloaden alwaar u de software heeft gekocht.


Orbx has just released the SP1 for YMML! YMML SP1 is almost a completely new scenery built from the ground up apart from the original modeling and photoreal ground textures. Here’s a brief list of what you will find enhanced in this new version:

 • Introduction of fully SDK compliant FSX Ground polygons, including custom environmental effects supporting rain effects and high resolution detail maps • Precision approach runway centre lights to closely replicate the actual lighting systems. All taxiway lights have been hand placed for more refined alignment • Update of airport layout to include the new taxiway V, and the dual taxiway system between concourse E and F • Addition of the new terminal structure in the International Terminal and the currently under construction new T2 Extension which extends out towards the main runway • Much improved APX (AFCAD) with finer parking spot alignment and full support of crosswind runways allowing for simultaneous operations on runways 09/27 and 16/34 • Addition of remainder of the landside office precinct buildings • Full perimeter fencing and new grass edging along taxiways and runways • Reworked maintenance area with additional buildings and improved night lighting • Enhanced and more efficient 15cm and 1m Photoreal which speeds up loading times and withstands blurries much more robustly, not to mention being over 300MB smaller. • Improved texture and LOD usage across the scenery aiming to improve performance and texture loading time • Scenery density layers have been updated to spread the scenery load to help lower end users to tune the scenery to there system • Autogen trees are more prevalent to improve performance over hand placed tree objects • Addition of more MAGS signs to guide you to your runway or gate • Nose In Guidance lights (NIGS) included at all gates for which the system is deployed

 To get your version updated log back into your account at http://flightsimstore.com

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