Freeware Scenery – Aarhus (EKAH)

ekahxEen mooie freeware scenery van het vliegveld Aarhus in Denemarken. (EKAH). Een mooi gedetailleerd vliegveld gemaakt door John B. Jensen. Geschikt voor FSX. Een leuke bestemming voor in het weekend. Meer info en download op zijn website.

Freeware scenery of Aarhus Airport for FSX

I am pleased to announce the release of my Aarhus Airport X scenery for Flight Simulator X. Aarhus Airport EKAH (AAR) is a regional airport in Denmark, located 20 NM northeast of Aarhus, Denmarks second largest city. Aarhus Airport X features custom made models (made in Gmax) of airport buildings, vehicles, ground supply equipment, signs, gates and docking systems. Aarhus Airport X also features a custom made apron with accurate markings, improved and more accurate runway and taxiway layout, parkinglots, roads with moving traffic, Gmax models of nearby farms, road traffic signs and other objects. Aarhus Airport (formerly “Tirstrup Airport”) was established by the Luftwaffe as a airbase during the German occupation of Denmark in World War II. The airport became fully operational in 1946, when the first civilian flight between Aarhus and Copenhagen took place. During the Cold War “Tirstrup Airbase” was operated by The Royal Danish Airforce.

Download Aarhus Airport X from my website:

More screenshots

Aarhus, Denmark, Feb. 25, 2009

John B. Jensen

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