Multi Crew Experience – Update v1.3


“Voice recognition” of wel stem herkenning wordt steeds meer gemeen goed in de cockpit van de Flightsimmer. Er zijn zo al wat titels verschenen die daarmee werken. Nu komt FS++ Limited ook met zo’n soort stuk software uit, genaamd “Multi Crew Experience”. Te koop via b.v. simMarket voor € 47,59. Werkt met Fs2004 als ook met FSX. U kunt deze software eerst uitproberen, alvorens het te kopen. (time limited). Meer info op de website en zoals vermeld te koop via simMarket. Nu geupdate naar versie 1.3. klik op ‘Meer lezen….‘ voor wat er toegevoegd is.




What’s new.

Improved the ATC feature

Tweaked application for better performance on single core machines.

Added more variations to the co-pilot vocabulary.

Fixed the <view> button in CL tab of the user interface sometimes not showing checklist.

You can now ask the co-pilot to execute the after landing sequence of actions.

Interact with the virtual co-pilot the way real world pilots do.

Give verbal commands, and watch them executed.

Carry out interactive checklist( and yes we mean it), with item status checked on the fly.

Use your microphone to talk to ATC.

Get told off by your first officer when deviating from standards you get to set yourself.

Navigate the Simulator User Interface almost entirely by voice, and this particular feature is free to use.

This is all event driven, no dumb scripts that force you to do everything in fixed order.

In all, there are 4 major features, and each could be considered a separate add-on on its own.

A fully working time limited demo is available for download.

For more information, visit our website at:

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