Sz-Flight Data Recorder – v1.1

Wilt u nog eens zien hoe u gevlogen heeft, dan is de SZ-Flight Data Recorder misschien wel iets voor u. Ideaal om nog eens te zien hoe u het circuitje gevlogen heeft of dat die aerobatic loop wel zuiver was. U kunt de software voor 1 minuut opname gebruiken, daarna moet die geregistreerd worden. Try before you buy. Meer info hier. Nieuw: Update naar versie 1.1, gratis update voor bestaande gebruikers.

New in V1.1:

With version 1.1 we have now added a most wanted feature: FDR is now ready to import and export data to and from external flight data recorders. The data can be virtually from any source, as long as you provide it in an ASCII text file.

Also the range of data (the variables which are being recorded) has been greatly expanded. FDR now can record and play back control surface positions (flaps, ailerons, spoilers, elevators etc), lights and a couple more.

Full documentation of the data sets and a converter tool to help conversion are making FDR more powerful and flexible than ever.

The upgrade to version 1.1 is free of charge for all existing users.

Alongside with this new release comes a small challenge – please see our competition webpage for details

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