WilcoPub – Upgrade Airbus v1 & v2


Voor de Airbus Series v1 & v2 van Wilco Publishing ism feelThere is er nu een upgrade uitgekomen. Een indrukwekkende lijst van verbeteringen. Voor meer info hierover, klik op ‘Meer lezen…’.

Wilco Publishing and feelThere.com release a new UPGRADE for

Airbus Series v1 & v2

Wilco Publishing and feelThere have released a new UPGRADE for Airbus Series Volume 1 and Volume 2. 
With a new set of improvements and fixes, AIRBUS SERIES remain definitely today’s most advanced AIRBUS simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator !

Improvements and fixes :
· Additional Keyboard Shortcuts for better hardware compatibility
· Improved Flight Management Computer simulation
· Optimized Navigraph database compatibility
· and more…

Complete list :

Those latest improvements concerns both Flight Simulator versions, 2004 and X,

INFORMATION & PICTURES available at http://www.wilcopub.com

The Airbus Series is developed by feelThere.com

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