FS Flight Keeper – Update naar v3.0.1

De software van Thomas Moliter, FS Flight Keeper is sinds gisteren geupdate naar versie 3.0.1. Een behoorlijke lijst van nieuwe toegevoegde functies. Meer info via de zojuist genoemde link. De software wordt ook wel het zitserse mes genoemd, waar zou die vergelijking vandaan komen. De software is ook te koop via simMarket. De update is hier rechtstreeks te downloaden.




So what’s new….

– Active Sky Advanced Support
– Maddog 2008 Support
– PMDG MD-11 for FS9 Support

– Implemented TAF format changes (November 2008)
– FSFK now reports at 5% N2 instead off 0.5% that engines are on/off
– No pressure/altimeter sounds and critiques after landing
– Aircraft tail numbers send with the ACARS reports now allow numbers with a maximum length of twelve characters
– Updated IVAO weather server URL

Bug fixes:
– Cities configuration file not loaded on some specific OS regional settings (e.g. Chinese)
– Creating the airways navigation database crashes FSFK
– FS time not always stored in the first events recorded
– Automatic loading option not working under FSX
– Possible crash when showing airport details on the world map of airports that have runways with a length and/or width of zero
– SDK samples used wrong image folder link references
– SDK Google Map sample used wrong map type constants



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