HiFi Sim – Active Sky Advanced software is uit

HiFi Simulation Software is toch redelijk snel uitgekomen met zijn nieuwe “Active Sky Advanced” software. Simpel gezegd, de software is een samenvoeging van alle kennis en ideeën die in de loop van de tijd zijn ontstaan door de software die HiFi Simulation Software heeft uitgebracht. Met allerlei nieuwe toevoegingen. Geschreven voor FSX, maar nog steeds geschikt overigens voor Fs2004. Meer info op de product website van HiFi Sim.


December 22, 2008

HiFi’s next major step in advanced weather simulation technology is officially announced and released today!
ACTIVE SKY ADVANCED (ASA) features a comprehensive overhaul and upgrade of all underlying weather synthesis, interpolation and depiction systems, which have enabled significant breakthroughs and features never available until now. For the first time ever, the entire engine is DUAL integrated with both FSX and FS9!

A brand-new Graphic Snapshot and state management system provides universal graphics add-on integration with weather-influenced capability, allowing easy control and incredible realism and variation of matched graphics and weather with ANY environment graphics add-on (or combinations of add-ons). USA live Sigmets and Airmets, Networked Pireps, enhanced flight planning and wx briefing data, direct wind control and smoothing, visibility graduation and smoothing, and MUCH more is now available! ASA is HiFi’s 6th major installment in the Active Sky series since its debut in 2002. Over the years, HiFi has strived to bring innovation and value to simulator pilots of all types, with a focus on high-fidelity and realism. By interacting with their customer base and the community, designing the technology that brings what users want, and working tirelessly to fine-tune the entire weather experience, HiFi has been able to produce what they feel is the most sophisticated and realistic weather add-on ever. HiFi is offering upgrade versions at reduced pricing for licensees of ASX and/or ASv6, and the download is available now! For more information, screenshots and resources, please visit HiFi’s website at http://www.hifisim.com.

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