Just Flight – Traffic X Service Pack #1

Voor de software “Traffic X” van Just Flight is onlangs een Service Pack uitgebracht. Voor zowel de download als de boxed version. Er was geklaagd dat het niveau / level van de AI-Traffic te laag stond. Tevens zijn er nog andere kleine dingetjes aangepast.

Traffic X Service Pack now available



We’ve had plenty of feedback on our latest AI expansion for FSX and this Service Pack (84Mb) makes many small updates to the program, including:


  • All black aircraft are now fully textured.
  • Aircraft spooling up sounds amended.
  • Missing sounds on flyable aircraft corrected.
  • AFCAD fixes for areas reported as having missing building or Autogen.
  • Improved randomisation of aircraft tail numbers.
  • Several minor bug fixes for the Traffic Control Centre.


The Service Pack should be installed by users of all versions of Traffic X


Click here for the file and the installation instructions.


Address for location of Service Pack –





As well as aircraft, Traffic X also boasts a huge set of new features – here’s a quick summary of some of them:


The new Traffic ControlCentre™ (TCC) program gives you full access to customise and expand your AI traffic in a comprehensive and easy-to-use way.

ChronoTraffic™ AI time period selection feature. Every aircraft and flight can now be set to be specific to a certain period of years.

Take the place of an aircraft spotter and watch the traffic at busy airports.


The all-new Follow-me car and pushback truck let you explore the airport from the ground and even guide incoming AI aircraft to their parking positions.

Traffic X now includes a diverse selection of military aircraft.

The 787 Dreamliner now has all the known launch customer liveries included!



The Airbus A350 XWB comes with all the known launch customers liveries included!

Keep an eye out for clandestine CIA Extraordinary Rendition flights.

An all-new Traffic Radar allows you to view traffic information for each AI aircraft in range. There are three different modes – vertical speed and current altitude, bearing and distance, identification and true airspeed.

Another Just Flight Traffic first – Unique Custom AI sounds.

Appropriate aircraft take advantage of the advanced animations in FSX to operate with airport service vehicles.


For more information and a VERY long list of features, visit www.justflight.com

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