UK2000 – Heathrow Xtreme

Garry Summons heeft het toch mooi voor elkaar gekregen. Het drukste internationale vliegveld van de wereld (volgens hun zeggen) “Heatrow” airport voor Fs2004. De FSX versie wordt volgend jaar januari verwacht. Deze Fs2004 staat vol met vele features. Verkrijgbaar voor € 18,99 via simMarket. U kunt de scenery eerst uitproberen en testen, daarna hoeft u het pas te kopen. Try before you buy.

UK2000 Scenery is proud to announce the release “Heathrow Xtreme” for FS2004 (FSX version due January 2009). The scenery is made to a high level of detail and accuracy but still maintains a friendly frame rate. It uses animation to bring the airport alive. Main features of the scenery:

  • Detailed textures created from images of the real Heathrow airport
  • The most up-to-date Heathrow airport scenery available.
  • High resolution ground textures.
  • 3D Marshaller.
  • Docking systems.
  • Interactive Jetways.
  • Stunning night effects.

Heathrow Airport is the busiest international airport in the world. With over 65 million passengers and 100 airlines flying to nearly 200 destination from 5 Terminals. Terminal 5 was opened in April 2008 and is solely used by British Airways which has moved most of its operations to this new glass terminal. BA still have flights from T1 and T4 but most T4 flights will move in October/November 2008 and B757 T1 flights will move to T3 in early 2009. (Until T5C is built, then they will move again!)

Heathrow has always been in a permanent state of development, but perhaps now is the most fluid time for Heathrow. The Heathrow East development has started and T2 and T1 will be demolished/developed between now and 2012. This scenery will be the last chance to use and see Heathrow before Heathrow East takes over. Currently some of T1 is closed in reality, but for the sake of this scenery this closer is OPTIONAL.The scenery has nearly 2 million polygons, thousands of objects and over 100 images that represent Heathrow in a truly amazing way. There are special objects like Concorde, A380 model (at entrance tunnel) and even grass effects. You can download and use Heathrow Xtreme in ‘DEMO mode’ for FREE

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