FS2Crew zoekt nieuwe bemanning

FS2Crew zoekt nieuwe bemanningsleden die hun software kunnen inspreken. Wie durft de uitdaging aan en zorgt ervoor dat de crew van FS2Crew straks ook gewoon Nederlands praat………


FS2Crew needs a Few Good Men – and Women!

To meet the demands of its European and UK customer base,  FS2Crew (http://www.fs2crew.com) has appointed Kimmo Kyle of Finland as head of the FS2Crew International Voice Set Development Team.  Kyle’s role will be develop, coordinate and manage the European and British voice sets for FS2Crew products, starting with the newly release PMDG MD-11 Version of FS2Crew.  But FS2Crew needs more voice actors.

If you’d like to lend your voice to the FS2Crew British and European voice sets, please email Kyle at kyle@fs2crew.com

All volunteers will receive free copies of FS2Crew.

FS2Crew develops leading-edge flight crew simulation programs that are custom designed to work with select FS aircraft.

FS2Crew products are available at Simmarket.

Bryan York
Developer – FS2Crew

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