Carenado – Cessna 152

Carenado heeft een Cessna 152 uitgebracht voor FSX. Ideaal vliegtuig om eens heerlijk mee te beginnen voor je eerste vlieguurtjes. Of om gewoon eens een circuitje op je gemak mee te vliegen. Meer info op de website via Carenado.

Dear Sirs, on October 27th, 2008 Carenado has released the very first NEXT GENERATION product for FSX. It is the C152II, a well known aircraft by most of the pilots because a vast majority of them learned to fly in one of this bird.

This aircraft was developed using:

  • NURBS modeling techniques
  • High resolution textures resulting in a photorealistic representation with very friendly FPS performance. All the textures have fine tune alpha calibrations of whites for the bloom lights.
  • A polygon optimized procedure

All of this plus new FSX and DX10 features like cast shadows on VC, external dynamic cast shadows, normal mapping, specular mapping and bloom lights, resulting in a superior representation of this aircraft.

We achieved a new quality standard that was impossible to reach until now which, we are absolutely convinced, will delight our fans and customers.

With this release, we enforce our compromise with our customers to give them high quality products with truly representations of the reality in terms of visual and behavior parameters.

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