Guru3D – Force3D HD4870 512Mb

Guru3D heeft een review over de Force3D Radeon HD4870 512Mb DHT. En “DHT” staat voor ‘Direct Touch Heatpipe’. Ofwel een nieuw soort technologie om de warmte van de GPU beter af te voeren. Meer info via de link.


Force3D Radeon HD 4870 512MB DHT review

Force3D Radeon HD 4870 DHTForce3D are up and coming, and working hard on product differentiation. Along that line they introduce a Radeon HD 4870 512MB model with DHT cooler. To be more specific, the cooling method is called ‘Freezer DHT’ and should allow for clock speeds up to 800 MHz according to Force3D. Now that’s a very bold claim to make for any manufacturer, so rest assured we’ll try that and see if the claim is valid.

DHT stands for Direct Touch Heatpipe and should cool a nice 33% better than the reference coolers from ATI. The DHT (Direct Touch Heatpipe) adapts new technology in which the heatpipe has contact with the GPU directly. The heatpipe absorbs heat from the GPU, cooling performance should really be excellent. Well, we’ll see .. I surely love to find out.

Read the review right here:

Force3D Radeon HD 4870 DHT

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