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In de nieuwsbrief van 07 oktober 2008 over de software “It’s your Plane” is een kleine opsomming geplaatst van gebruikers over de genoemde software. Zelf wil ik de software ook nog steeds een keer proberen… Wat zijn uw ervaringen. ??

Don’t take My Word for it…

In this October 7, 2008 Newsletter, I thought I’d let you see what a few of my customers have to say about It’s Your Plane, because… as the old saying goes… 

    “The best sales person is a happy customer!”

Over 20% of our sales comes from existing customer referrals!


Read What a Few of Our Customers Have to Say…

The PMDG 737-600 interface is remarkable… it’s an entirely new experience. I finally learned how to really fly this aircraft the proper way. Thanks a million Robert!!! Bill – Leeds, UKI thought I knew how to fly the PMDG 737 until Michelle walked me step-by-step through the checklists. WOW! Alex- San Jose, CA, USA

This is the best addon I have ever come across for FSX. I really love it and would recommend it to all and sundry. Tony – London, UK

Robert; in a word – BRILLIANT!!! Rodney – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

May i say that your instructions for using IYP are the best I have ever seen for any flight sim product… very straight forward easy to follow. Thank you. Alan – New Jersey, USA

I am extremely impressed both by your software, as I have already said, but also by the rapid responses to my questions and the fact that you have handled them personally. Ian – London, UK

Your commitment to your products/customers is amazing !! Keep it up, that’s not too common these days. Jan – Birchleigh, South Africa

I’m enjoy IYP offline, I installed AT&T voices and am missing lots and lots of sleep with IYP, I LOVE it! Des – Sydney, Australia

Robert, thank you for your e-mail regarding your product. It’s nice to be kept up to date. The idea that I could hand over the flying to someone else – so that I can watch the world go by – really appeals to me. By the way, congratulations on your support for customers in the forum. It is by far the most responsive service that I have seen, bar none. Regards, Ralph – London, UK

Votre produit est vraiment trhs bien. Ga fait 27 ans que j’utilise FlightSim de Microsoft et je peu dire que votre produit nous rapproche de plus en plus de la rialiti. Je suis vraiment impressionni par le support que vous accorder ` vos usager. Je constate que vous adresser rapidement les recommandations de vos utilisateurs ce qui vous donne un avantage sur vos compititeurs. Michel – Montrial, Canada

Your support in IYP is worth twice the weight in gold. Thanks for a great program. Bert – Vancouver, Canada

One can get very addicted to that program! All the things I needed to find knobs, dials, buttons and switches for, is now smoothly performed by voice. And, my hands can concentrate on the yoke (or on my coca-cola can) when the autopilot is controlled smoothly by my beautiful singing voice. Excellent. Just too bad I can only fly the Cessna. But hey… that is the whole idea… yes? Want more? Then buy the thing! And I will. I cannot live without it. Darn it… another 35 bucks thrown into the Flight simulator hobby. Thank you very much for this. Ole – Denmark

Thank you. You have been great helping me through this. Thank you so much. Mike – Nashville, TN, USA

I am being spoken to by Michelle now and she is calling me Captain Randyshe is soooo sexy. Randy – Fort Collins, CO, USA

I’m very happy now, because IYP is one of a kind add-on. Thanks again for your time and support. Roger – Antwerp, Belgium

What a wonderful, ingenious idea. How did you come up with something like that? I really like the idea that I can have someone to talk to during the flight as this helps take a load off of my shoulders, especially on long trips. Caleb – New York, USA

Thank you Sir for being there with help when I needed it.   I thought I would give up on program after having problems getting the program to work.   You were there each step of way. (the best guide-you-thru service i have ever seen).   How could I ever fly now, without your Great program, never knew how much I needed my great co-pilot.   Thank You Sir for a great product and I will (and have) told others about it.   You walked me thru problems, Thanks. Your Friend, Syney – Atlanta, USA

I wanted to come back into this public area and let any and all who may not have taken the leap and are reading this and finding their faith in this program questioned… Don’t be.   Robert’s support in this process has been above and beyond the call of duty.   As it turns out, my problem was from an earlier event before I even knew IYP existed   . I wanted to make sure it was known that neither IYP nor Robert are to blame for the initial problems I had.   Well done to the whole team at IYP! Doc – Midlothian, USA

I appreciate your efforts tremendously and Michelle is REALLY a wonder. A few years ago, Michelle would have been a pipe dream and impossible at this price and with all your work I hope that you are being at least slightly compensated and thanks for sharing. Richard – New York, USA

Congratulations on the creation of a great program.   I totally enjoy it.   I am so impressed with IYP. Bard – Vancouver, Canada

Great application by the way, and I dearly love having someone in the right hand seat! John – Sydney, Australia

I just installed IYP yesterday. I tried the first two Quick Start flights and I am quite enthousiastic. Gaston – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I just want to say that this is an AMAZING piece of software.   And i have shown it to a friend of mine and I think he4s hooked too.   Kind regards, Gunnar – Copenhagen, Denmark

Your program is fantastic! Wilf – Ottawa, Canada

I couldn’t end the evening without reporting that I had two successful experiences with getting IYP up and running well. And that is just scratching the surface of what I have heard from you that IYP can do. I am pretty excited about the product and very grateful for your attentiveness, patience, and help. Thanks a million!! Pete – New Haven, USA

Good morning Robert – Just bought the full meal deal as I am totally impressed with your program.   Have had fun flying with it.   So much to learn. Rick – Toronto, Canada

Everything runs very fine and it is a great fun to fly with this Addon.   Thank you for the Support and Greetings to Canada Oliver – Frankfurt, Germany

Robert, thank you for being so receptive and open minded to user suggestions. Many software developers today seem to adopt the “My way or the Highway” mentality, and although I understand that some suggestions made by users may not be practical, viable, or appropriate for the software, it’s refreshing to see that you’re open to new ideas. Thank you! Mark – Etobicoke, Canada

Hi Robert. Thank you for your quick response. Your support in IYP is worth twice the weight in gold. Thanks for a great program. Bert – Canada

One million thanks for the prompt response. With Michelle taking action as she does, the IYP program provides a whole new dimension in total immersion…it turns the experience into a close approximation of the real-world! Ron – Chicago, USA

I owned Voice Buddy and I would like to buy Cockpit Chatter, but before I do that, I was very interested to try your product first. I’m very impress by the functionnality of your product. Mike – Montrial, Canada


I sincerely appreciate your continued testimonials… keep ’em coming!

Wishing you safe landings,
Robert Cezar
Your IYP Developer.

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