Aerosoft – German Airports 2

Na lange tijd is er weer een German Airports 2 boxed version uitgekomen. Met 5 top vliegvelden, mooi gebundeld in een pakket. Aerosoft schrijft, een must have voor ons als flightsimmers. Mooie bestemmingen. Meer info op de website van Aerosoft.


German Airports 2 X (FSX+FS2004)
It has taken the GA-Team more than a year to create a new dimension in german airport sceneries. This Addon includes the following airports: Cologne/Bonn, Hannover, Dortmund, Munster/Osnabruck and Leipzig.


The German Airports Team shows that their reputation is well deserved. As most airports has been undergoing many modifications but this scenery shows the airport exactly as it is at this moment. All buildings, lighting systems, navigation beacons and of course the layout of taxiways and runways have been recreated to perfection. This Addon includes the following airports: Cologne / Bonn, Hannover, Dortmund, Munster / Osnabruck and Leipzig.


  • Cologne/Bonn
  • Hannover
  • Dortmund
  • Munster/Osnabruck
  • Leipzig/Halle


  • Detailed representation of airport and close surroundings
  • Photorealistic ground textures (1m/pxl)
  • All airport buildings and major structures
  • Automatic dock system (AGNIS)
  • Includes all navigation beacons (ILS,VOR/DME,NDB,ATIS)
  • Impressive night effects
  • Fully accurate runway and taxiway lighting
  • Many effects
  • Complete manual
  • Original DFS- Airport Charts
  • FSX & FS2004 version included

Additional FS2004-Features:

  • Dynamic Airport Enhancement Services used to create dynamic environment
  • Fully supported by AES (Airport Enhancement Services)

Notwithstanding the many details the scenery will run with excellent frame rates on modern hardware.

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