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Nieuwe info over de NaviGraph software. Nieuwe ‘Enroute Charts’ voor Australië en Noord Amerika. En de ‘Airports & Enroute Charts’ zijn geupdate van de MAY08 revision naar de AUG08 revision. (batch #13). Ne met een totaal van 1.211 verschillende vliegvelden. (Voorheen 1.199 vliegvelden).







– New enroute charts: Full Australian and North American enroute coverage

– New airport charts


=== New enroute charts: Full Australian and North American enroute coverage ===

We are proud to add full enroute coverage for Australia to the nDAC software. For an overview of this new region, see the Australia index chart:, the North American coverage has been significantly expanded after adding ten new enroute charts. We now have full North American enroute coverage, both for low and high altitude charts.

In addition to these expansions of the coverage, the majority of previously existing enroute charts have been revised. The total number of enroute charts is now 138.


=== New airport charts ===

The airport charts and enroute charts available for download via the nDAC software have now been updated. The MAY08 revision has been replaced by the AUG08 revision (batch #13). More information about the data (changes and current coverage) is available in our nDAC product pages: number of airport charts are now 23,667 (previously 23,271), in a total of 1,211 airports (previously 1,199). The new and revised airport charts are distributed over 216 airports worldwide.

Out of these 216 revised airports, 57 have also been fully converted to the new airport chart format (in addition to the 61 in the previous revisions), including many UK airports such as London Gatwick (LGW/EGKK). The airport chart manual for this new format is available here: 

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