It's Your Plane – Nieuwsbrief 09092008

Een nieuwsbrief van 09 september 2008 over de software “It’s your Plane”, zal ik hier nog even plaatsen.

Two New Features in Version

Flying Expert Mode!
Do you want me to assist you?

Much to our satisfaction, the interest in, and excitement for, It’s Your Plane (IYP) continues to mount.   More and more people are starting to COMPARE THE DIFFERENCES.   We know that if you compare It’s Your Plane to so-called competitors, you’ll quickly see that there simply is… NO COMPARISON!     Click HERE to see!As you certainly know by now, we ALWAYS listen to the suggestions and recommendations of our It’s Your Plane (IYP) users.   We are under the firm belief that any development group who is under the delusion that they know what the market wants and/or needs, is sorely mistaken. It has been proven time after time, that USERS KNOW BEST!

With that obvious observation behind us, here are two of the latest IYP MAJOR developments precipitated by user requests:

  It's Your Plane
As advertised on FlightSim and other sites!

Before Today!
Up until this version, there existed 2-Levels of HELP.

  • Extended Help
  • Normal Help

Extended Help:
When you first use IYP, the system is preset to Extended Help mode… especially equipped for the Trial period. Whenever you call for your First Officer (Michelle/Mike) to execute the Checklists, he/she will call for an item. If you do not respond in a timely manner, the FO will ask again. If there’s still no response from you, the FO will automatically extend HELP.Normal Help:
You switch from Extended Help, to Normal Help by saying, “Extended Help OFF”. In this mode, whenever you call for your First Officer (Michelle/Mike) to execute the Checklists, he/she will call for an item. If you do not respond in a timely manner, the FO will ask again. If there’s still no response from you, the FO will say, “Captain… Can you not hear me? If you need help, just say, ‘Please help me.’ “

Expert Mode:
Irrespective of the above Help Level you’ve selected, if you say, “Activate Expert Mode”, the IYP system will not only minimise the Help, it will also virtually eliminate the “read back“, or “echo” of the commands by the First Officer. For example, under Extended or Normal Help levels, if you say, “Battery Master Switch ON”, the FO will flip the switch, then confirm the action by reading back the action taken; (to wit) “The Battery Master Switch is ON.” Naturally, these “echoes” take time to work down the checklists.

By contract, if you say, “Battery Master Switch ON” with the Expert Mode turned ON, the FO will flip the switch, and jump to the next item on the checklist, thereby speeding up the checklist adherence. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest that you use this mode until you’re really familiar with the IYP checklist sequences!


Up until recently…
Up until recently, whenever you agreed to have Michelle / Mike execute a Takeoff and Climb Out, or an Approach and Landing checklist, that automatically meant that Michelle / Mike was going to assist you with these sections of the flight. If you decided that you didn’t want your trusty First Officer (FO) to assist you because you wanted to fly the plane on your own, the checklists were NOT executed. One of the principle drawbacks of this method of flying manifested itself by not providing V1, Rotate, V2 call-outs, GWPS call-outs, etc.A Customer’s Suggestion
He said…

    I’d like to have the checklists executed, but let me fly the plane!

I said,

    “What a Great Idea!” 

Therefore, as of this version, when your First Officer asks…

    Do you want me to perform the take off and climb out checklists?

and you respond with…

    Yes please.

he/she will then ask…

    Do you want me to assist you?

If you say, “Yes please”, or “Affirmative”, then you’ll experience the same thing as you have up until this version… namely, your First Officer will automatically, pull up the gear, retract the flaps, etc.If you respond with, “Negative”, or “No thanks”, then you’ll be flying on your own! However, your First Officer will still call-out the V1, Rotate, V2 speeds during takeoff, operate the Seat-Belts signs during the flight, call-out the 1,000, 500, 400, 300, etc. on approach, operate the GPWS, and continue to provide other suggestions throughout the flights.

Descending Below 10,000…
When descending below 10,000 with this version of IYP, the Landing Lights and Auto-Throttle are NOT AUTOMATICALLY ACTUATED by the First Officer! It didn’t make any sense to be flying on your own, and have the FO performing these functions. In addition, it addressed an outstanding issue where simmers have a physical cockpit setup, and need to operate the Auto-Throttles themselves.


Closing IYP
To close the IYP application, you can minimise your simulator and click on the Exit Program button, or you can say, “Goodbye Michelle, and thank you”, or, “Goodbye Mike, and thank you”.Execute Going Around
The next time you coming in too fast and high, instead of dropping at 4,000 feet per minute to try and make the runway, do the prudent thing… just say, “Execute Going Around”. Give it a try!


Wishing you all safe landings and lots of fun!Robert Cezar
Your IYP Developer.

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