Carenado – Next Generation

We schreven het al eerder, Carenado gaat nu alleen nog maar toestellen ontwikkelen voor FSX (SP2). Er wordt gebruik gemaakt van een nieuwe techniek, ‘NURBS modeling’. Klik op ‘Meer lezen…‘ voor het persbericht.


Carenado enters in a new generation of product development (CARENADO NEXT GENERATION)

Fernando Herrera explains: ”FSX has opened a whole new world of technological possibilities to push up even more our high quality standards. In this new era we have adopted the latest in modeling techniques: (NURBS modeling) and improved the development techniques of high resolution textures resulting in a photorealistic representation with very friendly FPS performance. All of this plus new FSX effects such as normal mapping, specular mapping, freshnel effects among others.

We achieved a new quality standard that was impossible to reach until now which we are absolutely convinced will delight our fans and customers.

With this, we enforce our compromise with our customers to give them high quality products which truly representations of the reality in terms of visual and behavior parameters.

We invite all the community to take a look to our next projects developed under this new technology which will be released soon (press here to see them). 

Stay tuned.


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