Squawkbox – versie 4 in public beta

Het software programma ‘Squawkbox’ is uitgekomen als publiek beta. Versie 4.0. U als gebruiker mag het programma nu aan de tand voelen en de scherpe randjes er af halen. (de bugs melden dus). Squawkbox wordt gebruikt om online te kunnen gaan vliegen bij VATSIM. Meer info op de website.


Brian Gefrich and Joel DeYoung are pleased to announced that after a long wait, a public beta of SquawkBox 4 is now available to try on the VATSIM network. This version of SquawkBox works with Flight Simulator 2002, 2004 and FSX. It has been tested on Windows XP and Vista. Download this latest beta version and help find and resolve the last outstanding bugs. The main Squawkbox site can be found here:

http://www.squawkbox.ca/  Please use the Squawkbox forums to report or discuss any issues: http://www.squawkbox.ca/forum  The following issues are already known to occur: – Transponder module may toggle to “ACTIVE” when connecting to a server, regardless of current setting. You may still set the transponder to STANDBY mode after the connection is made. – Switching your sound device in the settings while receiving a voice transmission can cause crashes. Download the SB4 open beta via one of the links found here: http://squawkbox.ca/downloads 




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