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Het is voor ons natuurlijk veel te ver weg, Oshkosh. Flight1 Aviation toont op de AirVenture 2008 in Oshkosh zijn nieuwe software voor de serieuze flightsimmer. Zoals de G1000 Student, Virtual Instructor Station voor ESP, Avidyne Student Simulation and Courseware, en de ELITE/Flight1 Tech LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) Aviation Training Device. Software welke goed gebruikt kan worden om de real flying skills op je sim bij te houden voor zo’n moderne cockpit.

Flight1 Aviation Technologies at Oshkosh

Flight1 Aviation Technologies will be attending the 2008 AirVenture in Oshkosh to display their latest technology offerings, at Booths 2106-2107, from July 28th through August 3rd. The products that will be on display at the show are the G1000 Student, Virtual Instructor Station for ESP, Avidyne Student Simulation and Courseware, and our ELITE/Flight1 Tech LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) Aviation Training Device.

ELITE/Flight1 Tech LSA Aviation Training Device –  Flight1 Tech and ELITE Simulation Solutions are showing their LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) Aviation Training Device.

John Dixon from ELITE says, “ELITE is proud to join Flight1 Aviation Technologies in creating the first generation of LSA training devices.  Flight1 Aviation Tech has long provided impressive training solutions and I consider them to be “best of breed” when it comes to fidelity, accuracy and workmanship.  We share the common goal of providing our customers with affordable yet highly effective and superior training tools.”

Jim Rhoads of Flight1 Aviation Technologies adds, “Elite Simulation Solutions has always been synonymous with high quality professional training systems. I am confident that our combined efforts will bring prospective LSA students and pilots the highest level of fidelity and realism for use on Microsoft’s ESP simulation platform.”

G1000 Student – The G1000 Student will cover a wide range of aircraft configurations that feature the G1000.

Virtual Instructor Station – Flight1’s VisPro Instructor Station links with Microsoft’s ESP platform giving the instructor a high level of control and monitoring of ESP through easy to use graphical screens. The interface with ESP also provides accessibility to features that are not native to ESP. VisPro can be used locally or remotely. It can change weather, aircraft, location, invoke failures, record and monitor flight parameters, track flights, and more.

Avidyne Student  – The Avidyne Student Simulator emulates the Avidyne Entegra series flight deck system in great detail and allows students and pilots to practice procedures and familiarize themselves the Avidyne systems.

Avidyne EXP5000 PFD Courseware – This FAA FITS Approved interactive multimedia training course teaches students how the Avidyne PFD system functions, and tests your knowledge through both tests and interactive flight scenarios

For more information visit the Flight1 booth at Oshkosh, or go to www.flight1tech.com.


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