Computer Pilot – Juli 2008

Wees er snel bij. Het juli 2008 nummer is gratis te downloaden via de website van PC Aviator. U krijgt dan een PDF document, perfect om deze op te laptop te lezen tijdens uw vakantie. Of zie het als een soort teaser om eens een indruk te krijgen van de kwaliteit van de verhalen/reviews in het blad.



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Dangerous and Unusual Airports
There is nothing like the thrill and anticipation you get from edge of the seat flying into unusual or dangerous airports and airfields. It makes GPS flying seem as interesting as watching grass grow! There are many airports around the world that test the nerve and skills of the pilot in command. Here are a few dangerous and unusual airfields you can test your skills at!

FSX Easter Eggs
In software development, undocumented features are often referred to as Easter Eggs. Programmers “hid” them inside the application software and left these “signatures” behind for posterity. Apparently, Microsoft has threatened programmers with dismissal if they include a personal Easter Egg — reason: unknown program code isn’t tested and might provide a hole allowing hackers to attack software, computers or the internet. That said, there dozens of unique places, items and surprises we can call Easter Eggs in FSX.

Reginald’s Secret FS Adventures – Part II
“In the six years since the raid at her premises, I had often reflected on my first clandestine FS experience with Betzy Wong. British Immigration officials had interviewed her about her working contrary to the conditions of her visa and she was soon sent packing…”

Checking Out Airports
Most of MSFS’s airports lack appropriately depicted structures such as terminals and hangars, and quite a few lack taxiways and signage. Some have incorrect representations of various features, including basics such as runway headings and lengths. To pick up where Microsoft leaves off, home flight-sim developers have created hundreds of airport sceneries for free downloading from the internet.

Freeware Frenzy
This month we have a range of new and quality freeware we have reviewed including a Savoia Marchetti S.81 Pipistrello, Junkers W 33b, an FSX Logbook Viewer, airport scenery and more! Making X-Planes
How many times have you wished you had some special plane for your flight simulator only to find that it was unavailable from the many Internet download sources – or that the price was a bit high? You can’t learn all there is about building custom models for X-Plane in a short time, but we can get you started…

Captain Mike Ray – Discontinuities
Mike is back with another great article. This month he looks at the topic of Discontinuities and how to set and use them in your Flight Management Computer.

Gabriel’s Flight Log: A Novice Simmer’s Diary
So you’ve dropped a couple of hundred dollars on the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator and acquired a few fancy third party add-ons, and somehow managed a non-lethal maiden flight to your home airport… but what do you do next?

What’s With Winglets?
On May 19, 2008, Dassault introduced the new Falcon 900LX which has composite winglets that reduce drag by as much as 7%, allow climb to 39,000 feet in just 20 minutes, and increase the range to 4,800 nm. There must be something to this rush to winglets, but how can a simple addition to an airplane wing be responsible for such improved performance?

Round Robin Adventures
This month we are flying a regular scheduled flight for Italy’s premier airline, Alitalia.

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