German Airports 2 – Leipzig/Halle

Het software pakket “German Airport 2” wordt dit maal uitgebreid met het vliegveld : ‘Leipzig / Halle’. En zoals we gewend zijn van Aerosoft ook deze scenery is weer perfect nagemaakt. Ook de omgeving is er in meegenomen. Met bewegende objecten. Voor een redelijke prijs van € 17,95 heeft u er weer een mooie bestemming bij. Te koop via simMarket. Nu nog de Fs2004 versie, maar de FSX komt er later gratis bij !!

Leipzig/Halle has been added to the FS2004 German Airports 2 series and as always this is state of the art scenery design.

Continuing in the tradition of the German Airport Series, Leipzig/Halle is featured with its latest and up to date layouts, buildings, objects, runways, taxiways, lights, and navigation aids. Just like the real life airport.

A high definition aerial photograph has been used for ground texturing making the airport and its surroundings seem absolutely realistic. The GA Team have also included the Dynamic Airport Enhancement Services Lite Edition by Oliver Pabst as was the case in earlier releases such as Hanover and Frankfurt. Numerous moving vehicles on the apron and the nearby `Autobahn´ create a lively atmosphere!

Even with this whole range of objects, details and features, the framerates remains excellent.


  • Detailed representation of the airport and immediate surrounding
  • All navigation aids included (ILS,VOR/DME,NDB,ATIS)
  • Photorealistic day and night textures
  • Taxiway bridge over highway
  • Animated trains and train signals and announcement on the train station
  • Over 2000 cars on the surrounding roads (actual number depends on time of day and framerates
  • AES Light to provide vehicle traffic in the platforms (new…. Cars now detect aircraft and give way)
  • AES TrafficTool
  • Based on aerial image (April 2008)
  • New DHL included
  • Porsche plant near Runway 26R
  • New engine test hangar
  • Surrounding includes small roads and small villages
  • AGNIS docking system
  • Ground textures with Mipmaps
  • Extensive manual
  • Original DFS-charts
  • Compatible with AES (Airport Enhancement Services)
  • And much more

All customers of this version are eligible to a FREE UPDATE to the FSX version of Leipzig/Halle as soon as it is released!

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