PC Pilot – No. 55 2008

Binnenkort weer het nieuwe nummer van PC Pilot. Ik blader nog regelmatig in nummer 54, dus editie no. 55 kan mooi mee op vakantie. Weer een nummer vol met flightsim info. Voor ieder wat wils. Nu ook een vervolg serie over hoe je je eigen scenery kan maken in FSX. Wel lekker actueel, daar er regelmatig scenery bouwers worden gevraagd. Leuk voor wat hobby centjes. Ook weer de General Aviation Sim Training / Een interview met het PMDG team en een vergelijking met de Robinson R-44 heli in het echt en die van Just Flight. Vanaf 19 juni verkrijgbaar, iets later bij ons op de deurmat.


Reviews –
RealAir Simulation’s Spitfire 2008
First Class Simulation’s Hurricane
Xtreme Prototype’s X-15
Just Flight’s R44 Helicopter
Space Shuttle Mission 2007
Just Flight’s Rescue Pilot
Full Terrain X
Aerosoft’s FS Map
Just Flight Denham
Pro Flight Trainer – Helicopter Controls

Regulars –
Editor’s Letter
Cover CD

Features – Scenery Creation in FSX
Welcome to a new series where we will examine how to create our own scenery projects in FSX. We start the series by showing you how to create your own airfield.

Air Combat Simulation Tutorial
For this issue of our combat we put theory into practice by relating a simulated combat mission.

Beginner’s Guide to Flight Simulator
In this instalment of the Beginners Guide, we are going to explore the often-overlooked and misunderstood realm of creating your very own screenshots and flight sim videos.

A Flight Sim Pilot’s Guide to Jet Airliners
In this instalment of our Airliner series we shall be taking a break from the technical theory and putting it into practice in an actual flight. The aim of the flight is to review many of the ideas and concepts that have previously been discussed by applying those techniques to a typical scenario.

GA Flight Sim Training – Stage 1, Lesson 9
Welcome to the final instalment of our Back to Basics Stage 1 series. In this issue we take a look at a variety of topics including: airfield markings and FLWOP (Forced Landing Without Power).

Meet the Flight Sim Producers – PMDG
In this edition of ‘Meet the Producers’ we interview PMDG. The team at PMDG is renowned for producing high quality simulations – most notable of which is the ground-breaking 747-400 simulation. We caught up with founder Captain Robert S Randazzo to find out more about this much-respected company.

Flying the Robinson R44 helicopter
Recently, on the kind invitation of Cabair, Richard Benedikz had the opportunity to visit Elstree aerodrome and spend an hour flying the Robinson R-44 helicopter. Read this special report to find out how the simulated version compares to flying the real thing.

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