Flight1 – FSAvidyne update

De cockpit software van Flight1 “FSAvidyne” Flight Deck System heeft een update ondergaan. FSAvidyne is een moderne Glass-Cockpit gebaseerd op de EXP5000 PFD. Ideaal om je hierin eigen te maken in de vele functies die zo’n modern cockpit heden ten dage te bieden heeft. “The EXP5000 PFD displays standard flight instrumentation including attitude direction indicator (EADI), horizontal situation indicator (EHSI), altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, moving map, terrain, and traffic, on large high resolution displays that are easy-to-read.”

FSAvidyne Single Engine Turboprop Update 

Flight One Software has updated their FSAvidyne Flight Deck System to support Single Engine Turboprop Aircraft.  The complete system integrates virtually all instruments and gauges from today’s panels into an easy to manage, colorful display.   

The MFD displays checklists, terrain and traffic warnings, engine data, and navigation features such as: Airways, Fixes, VOR’s, NDB’s, Special Use Airspace, Class B,C, & D Airspace, Tower Zones, Obstacles, Obstacles Warnings, TAWS, TAWS Warnings, Traffic, Traffic Warnings, Runway Depictions in Information Pages, and Runway Depictions on Airport Map Icons.

The software package also includes a S-TEC Fifty Five X Autopilot to recreate correct autopilot functionality within the Flight Simulator environment.


The update is free for all existing users.  The updated version can be downloaded here: 


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