Plan-G – v3.0.7.71


Plan-GDe freeware Navigatie software “Plan-G” is onlangs geupdate naar versie v3.0.7.71. Meer info via de website en in deze forumtopic met downloadlink.

Plan-G v3.0.7.71 includes the following updates:

  • added new Cloudmade provider with “night” map styling;
  • can now show range of VOR/DME/NDB on the map;
  • overhauled ‘Active leg’ detection;
  • new app icon and splash screen;
  • fixed tooltips not shown for vector objects (airways, airspace, ILS feathers, etc.);
  • fixed NZNI airstrips bgl not recognised;
  • fixed South and West swapped in QuickDest options;
  • fixed problem with waypoint tooltips not clearing; and
  • fixed error building database with some add-on airports (name too long).


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